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truth. Voyage Journey by water or sea. Studies and Languages: Phrase One word The study of ancient things Archaeology The study of plants Botany The study of animals Zoology The study of the environment Biology The study of a body Physiology The study of mankind Anthropology.
One word substitution start with word G Gallery A room or building for showing works of art. Impregnable That which cannot be taken by force of arms. Requiem Prayer for the dead. Spinster An unmarried woman. Omniscient Knowing everything (God). Restitution Return of object stolen or lost. Abdication, to formally give. Fratricide Killing/killer of ones brother. Herculean Having enormous strength or size.

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List of Best 300 One Word Substitutions Asked in SSC, ibps Inimitable Incapable of being imitated. Spiritualist A person who believes in spiritual things. Denizen A person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular place.
Euphemism Bombastic style of writing. Immigrant A person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there. Blaspheme Speaking irreverently about God or sacred things. Emigrant A person who goes to another country to live. Bureaucracy A government by the officials. Vulnerable That which can be easily damaged or hurt.

Using one-word substitution in this sentence would give something like this - My friend chauffeurs me around town. To avoid confusion, we have categorized the list of one-word substitution into 8 categories: Categories of one-word substitutions. A group of sheep. I saw a shepherd down the hill with a flock of sheep.

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One Word Substitution One word Substitute for a sentence Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of One Word Substitution MCQs. Egalitarianism Belief that all people are equal and have the same rights and opportunities. Etymology The science which deals with derivation of words. Theocracy A government by religious leaders.
Reluctant Unwilling Remission Pardon or forgiveness for breaking religious laws. Thermometer An twenty one pilots light bulb instrument for measuring temperature. Posthumous c kletptomaniac. Neigh d yell. Imaginary Existing only in the mind. Effeminate A man.3who is womanish in his habits. The theft of literary ideas and material is known as:. Soliloquy Speaking aloud while alone. Contagious Which spreads by physical touch or contact. The group term for the worshippers is;.

A family of young animals. Styles like spending hours bathing the brood of horses in the stable. A number of people travelling together in a big van or jeep. One, word, substitution - Important for Compititive Exams. Here you can learn the complete list of one-word substitution that is important for the competitive and government jobs exams.

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One word Substitution online Quiz - 25 English MCQs Conflagration Huge destructive fire. Tantrum Fit of bad temper or anger. Posthumous Received after death. Peroration Concluding part of a speech.
Missionary A person sent to teach Christian religion Monastery Place where monks live. Prognostication Act of forecasting by examining present twenty one word substitution twenty one pilots legend lyrics 353 Prologue A speech or a poem recited at the beginning. Vespers Evening prayer in the church. Wreathe Flowers fastened in a circle. Anarchy The absence of government in a country. Even a student can also understand one word substitution that is frequently asked in exams like CGL stenographer etc. Orphan A child whose parents are dead.

We have divided the one-word substitution list into different sections as given below. You can click on the section for which you want to read the list. One, word, substitution : D: One, word : Sentence Debacle: Sudden collapse - general break-up - violent rush.